[DONE] Twist: 06. Fonts & Images

You may want to try different fonts to best suit your needs. This template had been tested to look magnificent with the following fonts:





Droid Sans



For more fonts visit http://www.google.com/fonts
Its fun to play with these awesome fonts from google.


[DONE] Twist: 02. Introduction

Twist Multi-purpose PSD Template

This PSD template contains 8 PSD files, each PSD file have 5 color options to choose from. It is created with responsive in mind so we utilize one of the best responsive framework today “Zurb Foundation 5 Framework“. The grid system is 1170gs on 12 columns. The column width is 180pt with left and right margins of ?00pt, and 12pt gutter width. You may find this link helpful to learn more about Foundation 5 grid system http://foundation.zurb.com/grid.html

Moreover, this template is a high resolution PSD template which renders perfectly on 72ppi and 300ppi. Please notice that we use pt(points) instead of px(pixel) for higher resolution. It is however safe to assume at 72ppi 1pt is equivalent to 1px. You may find this link helpful to better understand points and pixel {link here, kanang nice. blah!}

    There are 5 color options to choose from, these are:

  • Lavander (Shar unsa ang name?)
  • Color (Shar unsa ang name?)
  • Color (Shar unsa ang name?)
  • Color (Shar unsa ang name?)
  • Color (Shar unsa ang name?)

Each PSD have 5 color options, for better organization, I use “Layer Compositions” tool of photoshop to organize the screens of each option. You will find this tool under the menu windows in photoshop. Open up the layer palette “layer compositions” and simply click the composition in which color option you’re interested in. You may visit this short video to have a better understanding of layer compositions http://goo.gl/cplCRd

We did our best to create this template as simple and as intuitive as possible for easier customization. All layers and groups are labeled according to its use, or meaning. You may also notice that it is color coded. And the images are labeled with source (photodune) and its image id, so its easy when you are ready to purchase the images. However for some reason or another, you may have still have queries related to this template then drop us an email from my ThemeForest profile , email us at support@simplegui.com, or post a ticket at http://support.simplegui.com

I hope that you enjoy working with our template, and put it in good use. Cheers!

[DONE] Twist: 01. Thank You

Twist Multi-purpose PSD Template

How to Edit & Adjust the PSD Templates

Created: 02/19/2014
Latest Update: 02/19/2014
By: Simple GUI Team


Email: support@simplegui.com

01. Thank You

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email me at support@simplegui.com. Thank you so much!